Momofuku Pastry Chef Teaches Conan about Cereal Milk
Conan makes Cereal Milk with Momofuku's Christina Tosi

November 7th, 2011- New York pastry chef Christina Tosi- one of 30 Under 30′s New York’s Hottest Up-and-Comers of Momofuku Milk Bar appears on Conan last night to teach him how to make their most popular dessert called “Cereal Milk”. This simple concept (although ‘confusing’ to Conan) involves mixing your favorite cereal up with milk to get the sweet sugars off of the cereal into the milk and then straining out the remaining soggy cereal out of the milk. As always, Conan is hilarious and in this case manages to make a complete mess.

Conan makes his own cereal milk gourmet drink with “The national food of Ireland” Lucky Charms. Several years ago, Momofuku received more exposure when Anthony Bourdain sat down with Chef David Chang in the “Food Porn” episode at Momofuku’s exclusive Ssam Bar in NYC.

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