Sunset Meadow Vineyards
Sunset Meadow Vineyards 2011

This past Sunday we visited Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen. The weather was terrible on the drive up and we fully expected heavy rainfall all day. To my surprise, the sun came out as we arrived at the Vineyard and it turned out to be a beautiful day to go wine tasting. I was guided into a parking space by the parking attendant who was wearing what appeared to be white plastic-bag type gloves (I don’t know if they were to protect his hands from the drizzle or to enhance vision of parking signals)!

The tasting room building is charming and was somewhat quiet for a summer afternoon. Once you approach the bar for a tasting, be prepared to stand as there are no stools around the bar. This is beneficial in that, on a busy day, they can probably cram more people around to taste wines at the same time; I have visited other vineyards with limited seating around the bar which led to very long wait times for a pair of seats to become available, which you had to fight your way through to get.

Now, onto the wines!

I started with their Chardonnay, they describe it as “Lightly aged in American Oak. Buttery with a full fruit taste.” I got the very light buttery finish, but this wine overall was too weak for my tastes personally. I enjoy the typical big-bodied Chard’s.

Next was the Cayuga White, they describe this as “A crisp, clear, refreshing wine. Fruity taste, grapefruit, melon and peach. A wine that stands on its own. Aged in stainless steel. Its delicate fruity character is great with appetizers, seafood or poultry.” This is their most popular white, and I can see why. It has that refreshing crisp Pinot-Grigio-like tingle and great flavor.

The Merlot is described as ” Aged on a combination of American and French Oaks. Well balanced and medium bodied. Notice the deep color with tastes of cherry and hints of black pepper. Great with red meat or Italian dishes”. I did not expect the Merlot to be as nice as it was, it felt well balanced and a nice fruit aroma. Dry.

The Twisted Red described as ” An award winning proprietary blend of Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Lemberger and Chamborcin. Aged on French Oak, with hints of blackberry, black cherry and plum. Full bodied. Great with steaks, roasts or veal. Will improve with age.” This one had a nice deep color, but I could not describe this as full bodied. A smooth mouth feel but definitely not full bodied.

My favorite, the St. Croix: ” Aged 24 months. A dry, smooth wine with aromas of cherry and fruit with a finish of spice and pepper. Can be aged for up to an additional 4 years.” This was the winner in my opinion, the St. Croix being a unique flavor and extremely drinkable. It has that musty sort of flavor reminiscent of the Sangiovise grape. I took a glass of this outside with me after the tasting.

St. Croix & Wine Trail Passport at SMV

Lastly, I had to try a taste of their “Merlitas”. I was advised this is a secret recipe, it is like a slushy for adults made with their Merlot. It was tart, lightly sweet and refreshing with a unique flavor that you must try for yourself when visiting SMV.

The "Merlita" machine

SMV has 21 acres of vineyards, with over nine thousand vines. It is a beautiful property located in the Litchfield Hills in Goshen, Connecticut. You can find more information and photos here.

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